What is DN42? / 什么是 DN42?#

Decentralized network 42 (also known as dn42) is a decentralized peer-to-peer network built using VPNs and software/hardware BGP routers.
分布式网络 42(也称为 DN42)是使用 VPN 和软件/硬件 BGP 路由器构建的分布式对等网络。

What's your relationship with Niantic Network and Strategic Explorations? / 你们与 Niantic Network 和 Strategic Explorations 有何联系?#

We consist of the merger of the latter two network-related departments, inheriting all their network infrastructure and permissions.

Do you provide transit service within China? / 你们是否提供中国境内的 Transit 服务?#

We can only guarantee to a limited extent, so we strongly recommend using your own network or a more reliable service.

We are Tier 1 operator, are you interested in xxx ... / 我们是 Tier 1 运营商,你们是否对 xxx 感兴趣 ...#

No / 不